France vs Germany Men’s handball Olympics 2020 Predictions 

France vs Germany Men’s handball Olympics 2020 Predictions 

France and Germany face off against each other in their 3rd game in the group stage of the Men’s handball tournament at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

Both teams are strong contenders for a gold medal at the Olympics for the men’s handball tournament and have the capacity for putting on a strong performance. 

So who will win between France and Germany at the 2021 Olympics? Check out our predictions for the France vs Germany men’s handball game at 2020 Olympics to find out…

Odds for France vs Germany Men’s Handball at the 2021 Olympics

The odds for the France vs Germany game are as follows:

France 1.57Draw 8.80Germany 2.85

From these odds we can tell that bookmakers favor France to win this game. The odds between the two are not too spread out which means that they do believe Germany still has a good chance of winning the game as well.

France Men’s Handball Team Preview

France has started to emerge as a major powerhouse in the world of men’s Handball since the 1990’s. They failed to qualify for the Olympics until the 1992 Olympics where they won a bronze medal. France has qualified for the Olympics ever since. 

France won a gold medal in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics and finished with a silver medal in the last Olympics in 2016.

France has also won the most number of Handball world cups since the 1995 World Handball Cup. In fact, France has won 6 of the last 12 IHF World Cups. They won 2011, 2015 and 2017 World Cups and finished 3rd in the 2019 World Cup and 4th in the 2021 World Cup.

France Handball Team Performance since 2018

France’s men’s Handball team has seen a slight dip in form since 2018. This was partly due to the fact that the end of their golden generation of players that reigned supreme between 2008 and 2017. This generation of players were called  “Les Experts” (the Experts). 

The Experts helped France win 2 out 3 Olympics,2 out of 5 European Championships and 4 out 5 Handball World Cups during their reign between 2008 and 2017.

The French team is now in a period of transition and trying to build another era of experts. Since 2018 France has played 2 European Championships and 2 World Cups.

France finished 3rd in the 2018 European Championship and crashed out in the group stages in the 2020 European Championships.

The French Handball team also witnessed a decline in the last two world cups as well with a third place finish in the 2019 world cup and a 4th place finish at the 2021 Handball world cup. 

For the 2021/22 European Handball season, France is ranked 2nd. They trail Germany by just 1 point and the third ranked team, Spain trails France by a massive 27 points.

The IHF hasn’t published world rankings since 2019 so it is difficult to ascertain which teams are the best.

Men's Handball Rankings France vs Germany Olympics 2020

France handball team performance in the 2020 Olympics so far

France has played 2 games at the Olympics so far and won both of them. France currently tops group A of the Men’s Handball tournament and has scored the highest number of goals and has the best goal difference.

Germany Men’s Handball Team Preview

Germany is the number one ranked team for the 2021/22 Handball season according to the EHF rankings. 

Compared to France, Germany’s Men’s Handball team hasn’t seen a lot of glory in major competitions.

Germany has won the IHF world cup only 3 times, in 1938,1978 and finally in 2007. Since 2007 Germany’s best performance in the Handball World Cup was in 2019 where they finished 3rd.

Germany has won a gold medal at the Olympics for Handball only once, in 1936. They won a silver medal in the 1984 and 2004 Summer Olympics and a bronze medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Germany handball team performance in the 2020 Olympics so far 

Germany’s men’s handball team is currently ranked 2nd in group A. They are tied on 2 points with Norway and Spain but are ranked 2nd due to their superior goal difference. 

Germany played 2 games in the group stage as well. They lost their first game against a very strong Spanish team but they lost by just 1 point. They went to face Argentina and defeated 33-27.

Germany has scored the second highest number of goals. They have also conceded the 2nd fewest goals in their group at 53 goals compared to Norway’s 52.

France vs Germany Men’s Handball Prediction Olympics 2020

Based on the rankings,odds and past performance we can see why France are the favorites to win this game, odds of 1.57 set by bookmakers translates into a 63.7% chance for France to win and a 36.3% chance for Germany to win.

Germany has better ability to defend but France is better at scoring. Their defensive record is not too far apart either.

We predict that this game could go either way but we are siding with France. Keep in mind that Germany lost by just 1 goal to Spain, which is one of the best teams in the world and beat Argentina by +2 goal difference compared to France who also played Argentina.

When we looked at the results of 2 closely contested games we noticed a pattern. We found that these games tend to be decided by a margin of less than 5 goals (usually between 1 and 3 goals). The total number of goals also tend to be between 54 and 55 for an average of 54.5.

France vs Germany Men’s Handball Olympics 2020 Betting Tips

In our article on sports betting tips, we mentioned that match winner bets are not a good idea unless both teams have odds of 2.0 or more. 

For this reason we do not recommend a match winner bet for this game. Combo bets and over/ under bets are the best option to help you get a bang for your buck.

Here are some of the betting tips we have for you which have odds of 2.0 or more. This means that these bets could help you double your money or possibly win more if these outcomes occur.

France to win by a margin of 1-5. Odds 2.20France to win, total number of goals to be scored be less than 57.5. Odds 2.80.

Best bookmakers for France vs Germany Men’s Handball for the 2020 Olympics

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Tokyo Olympics 2020 Schedule and Betting Tips

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Schedule and Betting Tips

The Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 are back in 2020 after being delayed by the effects of Covid-19. Sports fans across the world will be tuning in for this huge sporting event that will take place in Tokyo, Japan.

This is the first time the Olympic games were rescheduled.

The 2020 Summer Olympics  will be largely held behind closed doors which means that spectators will not be allowed for these events.

Here are some cool things to look forward to during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics:

New Sports in 2020 Olympics

Many new sports will be introduced during the  2020 Tokyo Olympics. This is partly due the decision of the International Olympic Committee that allows the host to add new sports.

Some of the new sports that will be introduced in the Tokyo Olympics will be 3×3 Basketball, freestyle BMX, madison cycling, karate,sport climbing,surfing, skateboarding. We will also see the return of baseball and softball which were last played in the 2008 Olympics. This comes as no surprise as Baseball is Japan’s most popular sport.

Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 Logo

There was some controversy surrounding the initial logo for the Tokyo Olympics with claims being made that the logo was plagiarized from the logo of the Théâtre de Liège in Belgium.

The design is meant to “express a refined elegance and sophistication that exemplifies Japan.

Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 Mascot

The mascot for the Tokyo Olympics is called Miraitowa. The mascots were selected from a competition process which took place between late 2017 and early 2018. A total of 2042 were submitted and three were shortlisted.

Japanese elementary school students were invited to make the final pick and they picked Ryo Taniguchi’s design. Miraitowa is named after the Japanese words for future and his character and is described as very athletic who has a “strong sense of justice” and is described as “very athletic”. Mirowata has the ability to teleport anywhere instantly.

No international Spectators allowed for the Tokyo Olympics

Because of the pandemic and the fact that a lot of the Japanese population failed to receive vaccinations against the virus, the government along with the organizing committee decided to take strict measures in order to protect the Japanese people.

Overseas spectators were banned from entering Japan and their tickets were refunded.

Most events will be held behind closed doors

As mentioned earlier, most events during the Tokyo Olympics will be held behind closed doors. Only events that are taking place outside of Tokyo will be allowed at limited capacity, something which could be a major disappointment for many sports fans in Japan.

This decision was made on July 8 after a rise in Covid 19 cases in Tokyo.

“Green Medals” During the Tokyo Olympics

Japan is often touted as one of the most innovative countries in the world and they proved this during the Tokyo Olympics this year by making medals from recycled electronics.

Over 8 million tons of electronic waste was collected from businesses and citizens to produce all the medals for the Tokyo Olympics starting from February 2017.

Opening Ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2021

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be taking place on July 23 2021 at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. Emperor Naruhito is expected to formally open the games. The event will take place behind closed doors with social distancing. Only about 1000 VIP guests will be physically present during the opening ceremony for this opening ceremony.

Many of the performances are pre recorded while the live performances will be undertaken with proper social distancing.

The parade of nations that is a tradition of the Olympic Games will take place as usual.

Olympics 2020 Schedule

Jul 21, 2021

SportEventSoftballJapan vs. AustraliaSoftballU.S. vs. ItalySoftballMexico vs. CanadaWomen’s SoccerGreat Britain vs. ChileWomen’s SoccerChina vs. BrazilWomen’s SoccerU.S. vs. SwedenWomen’s SoccerJapan vs. CanadaWomen’s SoccerNetherlands vs. ZambiaWomen’s SoccerAustralia vs. New Zealand

July 22,2021

SportEventSoftballU.S. vs. CanadaSoftballJapan vs. MexicoSoftballItaly vs. AustraliaMen’s SoccerEgypt vs. SpainMen’s SoccerMexico vs. FranceMen’s SoccerNew Zealand vs. South KoreaMen’s SoccerIvory Coast vs. Saudi ArabiaMen’s SoccerArgentina vs. AustraliaMen’s SoccerJapan vs. South AfricaMen’s SoccerBrazil vs. GermanyMen’s SoccerHonduras vs. RomaniaRowingQualifying Heats

Jul 23, 2021

SportEvent–Opening CeremonyRowingQualifying Heat & RepechagesCyclingMen’s Road Race

July 24,2021

TennisMen’s/Women’s first-round singles, doublesWomen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. JapanTennisMen’s/Women’s first-round singles, doublesWomen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. JapanSoftballU.S. vs. MexicoArcheryMixed Team FinalWomen’s SoccerSweden vs. AustraliaCyclingMen’s Road RaceBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundSwimmingQualifying HeatsBeach VolleyballMen’s Qualifying RoundBasketballMen’s 3×3Men’s GymnasticsQualifyingMen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. FranceWomen’s SoccerU.S. vs. New ZealandMen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. France

Jul 25, 2021

SportEventBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundSwimmingFinalsSkateboardingMen’s Street QualifyingBasketballMen’s 3×3SkateboardingMen’s Street FinalCyclingWomen’s Round RaceSoftballU.S. vs. AustraliaTennisMen’s/Women’s first-round singles, doublesSkateboardingMen’s Street QualifyingMen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. JapanMen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. JapanDivingWomen’s Synchronized Springboard FinalArcheryWomen’s Team FinalTennisMen’s/Women’s first-round singles, doublesCyclingWomen’s Road RaceWomen’s 3×3 BasketballU.S. vs. RomaniaSwimmingQualifying HeatsMen’s SoccerBrazil vs. Ivory CoastGymnasticsWomen’s QualifyingMen’s BasketballU.S. vs. FranceMen’s SoccerAustralia vs. SpainSwimmingQualifying HeatsWomen’s 3×3 BasketballU.S. vs. TaiwanBeach VolleyballMen’s Qualifying RoundMen’s SoccerJapan vs. MexicoTriathlonMen’s FinalBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundTriathlonMen’s Final

Jul 26, 2021

SportEventSkateboardingWomen’s Street FinalRugbyMen’s Qualifying RoundSkateboardingWomen’s Street FinalMen’s BasketballArgentina vs. SloveniaSoftballU.S. vs. JapanSwimmingFinalsTennisMen’s/Women’s second-round singles, doublesBasketball3×3Beach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundWomen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. ChinaSkateboardingWomen’s Street FinalMen’s BasketballArgentina vs. SloveniaShooting SkeetMen’s FinalArcheryMen’s Team FinalTennisMen’s/Women’s second-round singles, doublesWomen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. ChinaDivingMen’s Synchronized Platform FinalCanoe SlalomMen’s FinalRugbyMen’s Qualifying RoundSwimmingQualifying HeatsBasketball3×3Men’s VolleyballBrazil vs. ArgentinaFencingMen’s Individual Foil & Women’s Individual Sabre FinalsBeach VolleyballQualifying RoundGymnasticsMen’s Team FinalTriathlonWomen’s Final

July 27 2021

SportEventBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundMen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. South AfricaSwimmingFinalsTennisMen’s Round 2 singles, doublesTennisWomen’s Round 3 singles, Round 2 doublesRugbyMen’s Qualifying RoundFencingWomen’s Team Epee QuarterfinalsBeach VolleyballMen’s Qualifying RoundSoftballBronze Medal GameWomen’s BasketballU.S. vs. NigeriaDivingWomen’s Synchronized Platform FinalSlalom CanoeingWomen’s FinalBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundRugbyMen’s QuarterfinalTennisMen’s Singles, Round 2TennisWomen’s Singles, Round 3TennisMen’s and Women’s Doubles, QuarterfinalsWomen’s BasketballU.S. vs. NigeriaCyclingWomen’s Mountain BikeSwimmingQualifying Heats3×3 BasketballQuarterfinalsWomen’s SoccerU.S. vs. AustraliaGymnasticsWomen’s Gymnastics Team FinalSoftballFinalBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying Round

Jul 28, 2021

SportEventBeach VolleyballMen’s Qualifying RoundTable TennisWomen’s QuarterfinalMen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. TunisiaSlalom CanoeingQualifyingRowingFinals and SemifinalsCyclingWomen’s Time TrialCyclingMen’s Time TrialTennisMen’s Third-round singlesTennisWomen’s Singles and Doubles, QuarterfinalsTennisMen’s Doubles, SemifinalsTennisMixed Doubles, First RoundSlalom CanoeingQualifyingWomen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. HungaryMen’s BasketballU.S. vs. IranCyclingMen’s Individual Time TrialTennisMen’s Singles, Third RoundTennisWomen’s Singles and Doubles, QuarterfinalsTennisMen’s Doubles, SemifinalsTennisMixed, First RoundSlalom CanoeingQualifyingWomen’s Basketball3×3 SemifinalRugbyMen’s Bronze Medal and FinalMen’s Basketball3×3 SemfinalSwimmingQualifying Heats3×3 BasketballFinalsMen’s VolleyballBrazil vs. TaiwanMen’s SoccerGermany vs. Ivory CoastMen’s SoccerRomania vs. New ZealandGymnasticsMen’s All AroundMen’s SoccerFrance vs. JapanGolfMen’s First Round

Jul 29, 2021

SportEventSwimmingFinalsBeach VolleyballQualifying RoundRugbyWomen’s Qualifying RoundTable TennisWomen’s SemifinalMen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. ItalyRowingFinalsCyclingBMX Racing QuarterfinalsFencingWomen’s Team Foil SemifinalsTennisMen’s Singles and Mixed, QuarterfinalsTennisWomen’s Singles and Doubles, SemifinalsFencingWomen’s Team Foil SemifinalTennisMen’s Singles and Mixed, QuarterfinalsTennisWomen’s Singles and Doubles, SemifinalsFencingWomen’s Team Foil Bronze Medal and FinalMen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. ItalySlalom. CanoeingWomen’s FinalRugbyWomen’s Qualifying RoundSwimmingQualifying HeatsWomen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. TurkeyGymnasticsWomen’s All AroundMen’s BasketballSpain vs. ArgentinaSwimmingFinalsGolfMen’s Second Round

Jul 30, 2021

SportEventTrack & FieldQualifying RoundsTrack & FieldQualifying RoundsTable TennisMen’s SemifinalsMen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. BrazilBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundRowingFinalsWomen’s RugbyU.S. vs. AustraliaCyclingBMX Racing FinalsGymnasticsWomen’s Trampoline FinalTennisMen’s Singles and Mixed, SemifinalsTennisMen’s Doubles, FinalGymnasticsWomen’s Trampoline FinalWomen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. TaiwanArcheryWomen’s Individual FinalWomen’s VolleyballChina vs. TaiwanTennisMen’s Doubles Final, Bronze MedalTennisMen’s Singles, Doubles SemifinalsWomen’s BasketballU.S. vs. JapanDivingWomen’s Springboard QualifyingWomen’s SoccerQuarterfinalWomen’s RugbyQuarterfinalsSwimmingQualifying HeatsWomen’s SoccerQuarterfinalTrack & FieldWomen’s 5000m, Triple Jump Qualifying, Shot Put QualifyingTrack & FieldMen’s 10000m Final, Mixed 4x400m Relay Round 1GolfMen’s Third RoundWomen’s SoccerQuarterfinalBeach VolleyballMen’s Qualifying RoundMen’s VolleyballFrance vs. TaiwanCyclingBMX Freestyle QualifyingTriathlonMixed Relay

Jul 31, 2021

SportEventTrack & FieldQualifying RoundTrack & FieldWomen’s 400m Hurdles Round OneBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundSwimmingFinalsBeach VolleyballWomen’s Qualifying RoundCyclingWomen’s BMX Freestyle QualifyingWomen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. TaiwanFencingWomen’s Team Sabre, SemifinalsGymnasticsMen’s Trampoline FinalTennisWomen’s Singles Final, Bronze MedalTennisMen’s Singles Bronze MedalTennisWomen’s Doubles Bronze Medal, Mixed Doubles BronzeGymnasticsMen’s Trampoline FinalArcheryMen’s Individual FinalDivingWomen’s Springboard SemifinalTennisWomen’s Singles Final, Bronze MedalTennisMen’S Singles Bronze MedalTennisWomen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles Bronze MedalMen’s SoccerQuarterfinalWomen’s RugbyFinal and Bronze MedalMen’s SoccerQuarterfinalBaseballU.S. vs. KoreaTrack & FieldMen’s Long Jump, Women’s 100m, Men’s 100m, moreWomen’s VolleyballChina vs. ItalyMen’s BasketballU.S. vs. TBDBadmintonMen’s Doubles FinalGolfMen’s Final RoundMen’s SoccerQuarterfinalFencingMen’s Team Foil, Semifinal

Aug 1, 2021

SportEventBeach VolleyballWomen’s Elimination RoundSwimmingFinalsCyclingBMX Freestyle FinalsWestlingQualifying RoundBadmintonMen’s Singles SemifinalBeach VolleyballElimination RoundTrack & FieldFinals and Qualifying RoundTennisMen’s Singles FinalTennisWomen’s Doubles Final, Mixed Doubles FinalBeach VolleyballMen’s Elimination RoundMen’s HandballNorway vs. FranceTennisMen’s Singles FinalTennisWomen’s Doubles FinalTennisMixed Doubles FinalDivingWomen’s Springboard FinalMen’s HandballDenmark vs. SwedenWeightliftingWomen’s FinalFencingMen’s Team Foil FinalBadmintonWomen’s Singles FinalGymnasticsEvent FinalsTrack & FieldEvent Finals & SemifinalsMen’s BasketballSpain vs. SloveniaMen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. ArgentinaCanoeingSpring QualifyingBeach VolleyballWomen’s Elimination Round

Aug 2, 2021

Track & FieldFinals and Qualifying RoundsBeach VolleyballMen’s Elimination RoundField HockeyWomen’s QuarterfinalBadmintonWomen’s Doubles Bronze Medal & FinalWrestlingQualifying Rounds & SemifinalsMen’s Water PoloU.S. vs. GreeceCanoeingSpring QualifyingWomen’s VolleyballU.S. vs. ItalyWomen’s BasketballU.S. vs. FranceMen’s BasketballQuarterfinalDivingMen’s Springboard QualifyingBeach VolleyballElimination RoundsWeightliftingWomen’s FinalBadmintonMen’s Singles FinalSoccerWomen’s SemifinalSoccerWomen’s SemifinalBeach VolleyballElimination RoundMen’s Water PoloSpain vs. CroatiaGymnasticsEvent FinalsTrack & FieldFinals, Semifinals & QualifyingWrestlingFinals

Aug 3, 2021

SportEventBeach VolleyballWomen’s QuarterfinalTrack & FieldFinals, Semifinals & QualifyingTrack & FieldFinals & QualifyingWrestlingQualifying RoundsWater PoloWomen’s QuarterfinalCanoeingSprint FinalsVolleyballMen’s QuarterfinalDivingMen’s Springboard FinalSoccerMen’s SemifinalsBeach VolleyballWomen’s QuarterfinalSwimmingWomen’s MarathonGymnasticsEvent FinalsTrack & FieldFinals, Semifinals & QualifyingWrestlingFinalsBasketballMen’s QuarterfinalVolleyballMen’s QuarterfinalGolfWomen’s First Round

Aug 5, 2021

SportEventTrack & FieldFinals, Semifinals & QualifyingBeach VolleyballMen’s QuarterfinalSkateboardingWomen’s Park Qualifying & FinalCanoeingSprint QuarterfinalsWater PoloMen’s QuarterfinalTrack & FieldFinals & SemifinalsWrestlingQualifying RoundsVolleyballWomen’s QuarterfinalBasketballWomen’s QuarterfinalMen’s BasketballSemifinalBasketballWomen’s QuarterfinalsDivingWomen’s Platform QualifyingArtistic SwimmingDuet FinalVolleyballWomen’s QuarterfinalsEquestrianIndividual Jumping FinalSwimmingMen’s MarathonWrestlingFinalsTrack & FieldSemifinals & FinalsGolfWomen’s Second Round

Aug 6, 2021

SportEventCanoeingSprint QualifyingBeach VolleyballWomen’s FinalBeach VolleyballWomen’s Bronze MedalGymnasticsRhythmic Individual QualifyingSoccerWomen’s FinalVolleyballWomen’s SemifinalWrestlingFinalsSoccerWomen’s FinalBasketballWomen’s SemifinalWater PoloMen’s SemifinalDivingMen’s Platform QualifyingHandballWomen’s SemifinalTrack & FieldWomen’s 20km WalkWrestlingFinalsField HockeyWomen’s FinalVolleyballWomen’s SemifinalTrack & FieldFinals & SemifinalsSoccerMen’s Bronze MedalTrack & FieldWomen’s MarathonGolfWomen’s Final Round

Aug 7, 2021

SportEventTrack & FieldWomen’s MarathonBeach VolleyballMen’s Bronze MedalBeach VolleyballMen’s FinalDivingMen’s Platform SemifinalGymnasticsRhythmic Group QualifyingMen’s BasketballFinalBasketballMen’s FinalBaseballBronze MedalVolleyballMen’s Bronze MedalVolleyballMen’s Bronze MedalDivingMen’s Platform FinalWater PoloWomen’s FinalBasketballWomen’s Bronze MedalBasketballMen’s Bronze MedalBasketballMen’s CeremonyWrestlingFinalsTrack & FieldFinalsSoccerMen’s FinalVolleyballMen’s FinalTrack & FieldMen’s MarathonVolleyballWomen’s Bronze MedalGymnasticsRhythmic Group Final

Aug 8, 2021

BasketballWomen’s FinalVolleyballWomen’s FinalWater PoloMen’s Bronze MedalBoxingFinalsVolleyballWomen’s FinalBoxingFinalsVolleyballWomen’s FinalWater PoloMen’s Final

2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting Tips

As the tournament progresses we will be giving you betting tips for different sports and sporting events. In the meantime, feel free to check out our sports betting tips where we discuss profitable betting strategies. These strategies could potentially help you tilt the house edge in your favor and enjoy betting on your favorite event.